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      Faster check-out process.
      Order tracking.
      Privileged access and members only offers.
      Create a Wish List and share them with your family and friends.
      Order history.
      Exchange or return products.
      Update contact information.

      How can I get a receipt for my online purchase?
      When you place an order on WWW.LUXORIST.COM, you will receive an order confirmation and receipt by email.
      You will also receive a paper receipt along with your package to the billing address you have provided.
      We do not issue any duplicate receipts.

      Has my order been sent?
      You may check the status of your order on your account by clicking on "My Orders".
      You will also receive tracking information by email.

      How do I cancel my order?
      Changes can not be made once an order is placed. You may return or exchange an item after you receive it.

      Can I change my credit card after placing an order?
      No changes to credit card information can be made once an order is placed.

      Can I use different credit card to place an order?
      The name and address on the payment method has to match with the information on the shipping address.

      What are the accepted payment methods?

      Is my information safe?
      For your security, Luxorist.com does not save your credit card information and will not share your personal data with any third parties.

      May I change or modify the chosen payment method or delivery type after my online order is submitted?
      Once your order is completed, you can modify the payment method or the delivery type on WWW.LUXORIST.COM.

      Is it possible to charge a single order to two different credit cards, or to use two different payment methods for the same order?
      Currently we do not accept payments using two different credit cards for a single order.

      I live outside the United States, may I still place an order for delivery outside the USA?
      We are only able to take orders for delivery to addresses within the United States.

      How do I get an appraisal for my LUXORIST.COM merchandise?
      We do not offer any Appraisals.

      How do I choose the right size for my fine jewelry piece?
      Print the sizing guide found on product pages and measure your wrist or finger using the guidelines provided.

      How can I be sure that I am buying genuine Luxorist merchandise?
      Luxorist sells its product exclusively through WWW.LUXORIST.COM. Every Luxorist product is carefully gift wrapped in an anonymous box within the shipping package.

      Every Luxorist product is shipped with:
      Purchase Receipt.
      Personalized gift card.
      Certificate of Warranty.
      Certificate of Authenticity.
      Gift Bag/Velvet Pouch.
      Gift Box.
      Jewelry Polishing Cloth.
      Prepaid return label.
      Return/exchange form.
      Packing slip.
      Sealed presentation box.

      Will my order be sent in a gift-wrapped package?
      Every Luxorist product is carefully gift wrapped in an anonymous box within the shipping package.

      Personalized Services :
      • Engravings

               Engraving may be available if it is mentioned during the time of sale.

      • Jewelry Adjustment / Alterations.

               For any adjustments or alterations to your Luxorist jewelry, please contact us by email at: Luxorist1@gmail.com or "CHAT WITH US".

      Can I include a personalized gift messages to my purchase?
      Please contact us by email at: Luxorist1@gmail.com or "CHAT WITH US" for personalized messages on jewelry or gift card included in your order.
      • We reserve the right to refuse acceptance of any order for personalized products, or with a message card, that contains objectionable language.
      • You are responsible for ensuring that any wording you provide for personalizing products is correct.
      • Personalized or bespoke products cannot be cancelled, returned to us, exchanged or refunded.

      What actions does Luxorist take if counterfeit goods are sold over the internet?
      If you encounter any unauthorized or counterfeiting of Luxorist merchandise, please take a moment to contact us at Luxorist1@gmail.com. Or "CHAT WITH US".

      History on Gemstone Enhancements:
      • Gemstones have been enhanced for thousands of years in documented ancient history.
      • Ancient Egyptians have been soaking their emeralds in colorless oil to make them more beautiful.
      • The practice of heating rubies and sapphires was documented by Marco Polo, who first introduced the practice to Europe.
      • Heating process unlocks the intense violetish-blue of tanzanite.
      • Papyrus Graecus Holinicnsis, written about 400 A. D was the first manuscript that detail gemstone treatments.
      • Although mulberry juice, leek juice and "dragon's blood," are no longer used to enhance gems, heating and oiling remains widely accepted and eternal.

      Enhancement at Luxorist:
      • Luxorist diamonds are fully natural and not enhanced other than being cut and polished.
      • Luxorist does not sell pieces that have been enhanced to increase the carat weight of the stone or to the mask the durability of the gemstone.
      • Enhancements accepted at Luxorist are only those that increase the stability of a stone and those that are meant to improve the beauty of the stone.


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